In the last few years, the Language Services Industry has seen a big technological growth and advancement. However, Human Translations still play a vital role in ensuring quality, accuracy and correct document interpretations for various official and non-official processes.  

For most legal and official processes it is imperative that all your foreign language documents be translated into English (or Spanish) to be able to read and understand the information contained within those documents. 

Team Meeting

Continuous / Regular Orders  

This is a service specially designed for Law Firms, Schools, Institutions, Companies and even other Translation Companies who often require Spanish/English Translations on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis. Our team at EGO Translate started working for a Translation Agency back in 2013, and since then, we have worked for hundreds of companies around the world.

It all comes down to the amount of pages estimated to translate during the specified timeframe.  You can contact us to see prices, plans available and options for you or your company. 

Continuous Orders & Special Projects


Special Projects

This is a service specially designed for Authors or Bloggers who have a single, and usually big translation project. Although our team focuses mainly on legal and general content translations, at EGO Translate we also translate Books, E-Books, Blogs, Social Media Posts and more. Contact us to get a Customized Quote from one of our Translators and even a sample of our work to help you decide.